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Working with Spirit from the Heart Space

Lauren Rainbow is an internationally known psychic medium, meditation maestro, spiritual teacher, and sacred travel guide dedicated to serving Spirit and inspiring YOU to awaken and align to your heart’s calling.


Lauren brings twenty years of experience and development in all aspects of spirituality into her guided meditations, all with heart-based basics at the core.

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Signs, Symbols, and Spirit Messages

Live Online
August 4 @ 8:00 – 9:30p ET | Zoom Online

Join two fun, fabulous and evidential mediums, Colby Rebel and Lauren Rainbow, for an extraordinary online event.

Colby and Lauren will share with you the many ways Spirit is sending you signs and how to know those are from Spirit!

They will also share how to interpret the symbols they bring to help understand their communication and intentions. As a BONUS to this special evening, Colby and Lauren will share messages from Spirit with some audience members. Together they will demonstrate how signs and symbols work to help you learn to trust your connection.

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An Evening of Spirit and Inspiration – LIVE!

Live at The Rex Theatre, NH
Aug 5 @ 7:30 – 9:00p ET | Zoom Online

Join Lauren live, IN-PERSON, at the Rex Theatre, Manchester, NH! During this special evening, Lauren will share evidential and heart-centered messages from Spirit.

An evening with Lauren will bring tears of joy, lots of laughter and leave you with the life-affirming reminder that you are alive! Be Alive!

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The Inspired Heart Journey: A Spiritual Journey through Peru

An extraordinary journey to sacred Peru!

It is time to align, connect, and inspire your heart to shine your light in this new world and new light!

Join medium Lauren Rainbow with Peru’s chacaruna, Jorge Luis Delgado, for an incredible, life-enhancing journey through Peru.

It is time to shift and lift your vibrations with the magic of Peru and the ancient wisdom that lives within the beautiful sacred heart of the Inka Traditions.

Are you ready for the spiritual adventure of a lifetime?

NOV 13 – NOV 23rd, 2021

Adventure Awaits on this extraordinary journey to sacred Peru with Lauren Rainbow and Jorge Luis Delgado

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The Mediumship Training Deck

Strengthen Your Mediumship Abilities

John Holland & Lauren Rainbow have teamed up to help you deepen your connection to the Spirit world through the creation of this extraordinary & educational oracle deck. With its accompanying guidebook and 50 beautifully designed cards, this deck benefits everyone from the beginning student of mediumship to the advanced!

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Guided Meditations to Open Your Heart 

Lauren brings twenty years of experience and development in all aspects of spirituality into her guided meditations, all with heart-based basics at the core.

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Lauren’s musing about mediumship and the spiritual journey.

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