Energy Vortex of Spiritual Locations

Sacred Travel is my FAVORITE topic in the whole world! So as I am packing my bags and getting ready to jump onto a plane for yet another journey to Egypt, I am excited to talk about why I LOVE exploring Ancient Cultures. 

I am addicted to spiritual journeys where we explore sacred sites and tap into the energy vortices that exist worldwide!!

From the Great Sphinx to Machu Pichu and the ancient city of Varanasi, there is a magic that lives within the earth. This magic lives in these sacred places and is just waiting for us to tap in!

So let’s start with the basics.

What is a spiritual journey?

A spiritual journey or sacred pilgrimage is an exciting adventure for the heart, mind, and soul! Spiritual journeys are the new hot thing to do! 

A pilgrimage is a calling in your soul to embark on a life-changing journey to help ignite a fire in your soul and awaken a new sense of love for life! 

Traveling to ancient cultures and exploring the temples and pyramids of Egypt, or walking the citadel of Machu Pichu, is a dream come true for many. 

Extraordinary spiritual journeys, like the ones I design, are intuitively created to help you tap into and connect with these spiritual locations and the energies imbued in these temples. 

Not only do we take you to see the great pyramid, but we also work the magic it takes to get you into the “King’s Chamber” of the great pyramid, where you can connect with one of the most sacred destinations in the world! 

What is an Energy Vortex? 

Vortices are hot spots of energy radiating a certain vibe or emanating a power to help magnify whatever is built or created there. 

The wisdom keepers and shamans of ancient cultures learned of these vortices and would design ancient temples and pyramids worldwide on these spots to work with the energy.

It is not an accident that the three great pyramids of Giza are on one of the most potent ley lines, and right across the world, on the same line, is another set of the three famous great Pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico! Both pyramid sites perfectly align with Orion’s belt constellation. 

The most famous spiritual locations around the world


More people feel spiritually called to Egypt than in any other place in the world! 

If you believe in past lives, you might not find it surprising that most people who know of past lives can connect to one place more than any other – EGYPT.

The first time I traveled to Egypt, I remember how often someone would recognize me as a tourist and say, “welcome home,”!

In Egypt, the locals often believe it is the world’s heart chakra and that all souls have passed through this sacred land in one lifetime or another!

There is still so much to learn about this ancient land! More and more mysteries are unearthed in Egypt each day, and we may never honestly know how old some of these monuments are and why they were built! 

Exploring the ancient mysteries of Egypt is precisely why so many people feel called to explore this sacred culture!


India is another of the world’s most popular destinations for spiritual journeys! An ancient culture that is still very much alive and spiritually as incredible as it ever was.

India has been drawing in spiritual seekers since before the Beatles made their famous journey to India and meditation in an ashram for years!

And the dearly loved Ram Dass, who spent most of his life sharing love messages from his guru, Neem Karoli Baba. 

Many spiritual seekers have left behind all they have to wander through the land of India, from ashram to ashram, for months seeking enlightenment. 

It is a world that will change you from the inside out. Witnessing the cacophony of modern-day life in India blended with the ancient traditions of the land will leave a new sense of compassion and love in your heart! 

My motto for India is to be willing to let go: You do not move through India. India moves through you! 


The land of the Inca! One of my favorite ancient cultures and definitely in the top of the most spiritual locations on the planet!

The Inca traditions and teachings are indeed one of the most simple and compassionate teachings on the planet. And exploring the sacred mountains of Peru, and connecting with the Apus, the great mountain spirits, will fill you with the peace and simplicity that we all beg for in this modern world!

We are blessed to have the Inca teaching still alive and well in the tribes that still wander through the Andes. These shamans share their teachings, wisdom, and medicine with those who seek to connect with the sacred sites of Peru! 

The simple tenets of Love, Service, and Wisdom are the foundations of the Inca teachings. However, there is also a lot to uncover here for those seekers who are more geared to extraterrestrial ideologies. Peru is known for “alien” activities and curiosities, with sites like the Nazca Lines and many of the sacred sites around Lake Titikaka.

Many other ancient cultures have left behind sacred sites built on energy vortices lighting up the world with love! 

From the Maya and Toltec teachings of Central America to the Moai that gaze longingly into the Sky on Easter Island, we will forever wonder why so many cultures left us a footprint to explore and follow.

I like to ask not why but how we can access the wisdom imprinted on the earth from the ancient cultures who came before!