Taking care of your energy is extremely important to your overall mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health. 

We are little energy beacons, sending and receiving energy all the time. 

Everyone we see and every place we go, we’re energetically assessing if this is a good or challenging place for us to be. 

We are also leaving energy behind and picking it up, and carrying it with us! These energies will change our mood, leaving us feeling drained, sluggish, and sometimes heavy. 

The more people you workaround, the more you will probably need to practice energy hygiene. 

As a medium and healing therapist, I am always working with other people’s energy, so taking care of my energy hygiene is a regular part of my spiritual practice!

Here are some things I like to do to keep up my energy hygiene.

Smudging My Space

Clearing your space with sage, palo santo, or Florida water can support energy hygiene. We are leaving our energy around everywhere. And those who walk into our space and our aura are leaving their energy behind as well. 

So taking time to clear your physical space regularly is so important! If I’m having a bad day, I especially smudge or clear the energy in my home with reiki or healing energy so as not to linger in these energies!

Chakra Healing Meditation 

A good chakra healing and or centering meditation is fantastic for clearing your energy and getting centered! This meditation time is also suitable for taking an energy inventory. It allows you to tune into your body and see how it feels. These meditations are not only healing but also perfect for bringing in balance and clarity! 

Check out my Centered Heart Meditation on Insight Timer by clicking here! This guided meditation has some chakra healing and heart balancing techniques that you will love. Click HERE! 

Reiki and Alternative Healing Treatments

Becoming a reiki master-teacher and trained in different healing modalities was one of the best things I could have done for my own self-care! The first rule of reiki is to do self-healing. Having these tools in my spiritual toolbox gives me the ability to always be on top of my self-care. 

But sometimes, you need to get on the healing table and have someone else do the healing work for you. This allows you to be in the space of complete surrender and go into a more profound healing space!

Float Spa!

I’m a little obsessed right now with float spas. If you are not familiar, a float spa is a place with cool pods or rooms filled with salt and water for you to enjoy floating. You can float in the dark or have softer lighting and experience complete sensory freedom in these pods. 

Plus, saltwater is perfect for healing your energy and removing toxins from your energy field. Float spas are also beneficial for your physical body and emotional healing. Search for float spas in your local area and give it a go! I know you will love it! 

Making time for these moments is the best thing you can do for your soul, spirit, heart, and all the things. You can do many different things, from a walk in the woods to sitting on the beach. You may already have some energy healing techniques that work for you. So don’t break the wheel. Just be sure you are doing them! 

You deserve to take care of yourself to keep. Now more than ever!