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The Mediumship Training Deck

Strengthen Your Mediumship Abilities

John Holland & Lauren Rainbow have teamed up to help you deepen your connection to the Spirit world through the creation of this extraordinary & educational oracle deck. With its accompanying guidebook and 50 beautifully designed cards, this deck benefits everyone from the beginning student of mediumship to the advanced!

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Insight Timer

Guided Meditations to Open Your Heart

Are you on Insight Timer? Lauren is too! You can catch some of her beautifully guided meditations on the app! Lauren brings twenty years of experience and development in all aspects of spirituality into her guided meditations, all with heart-based basics at the core. Enjoy the Centered Heart, Forgiveness Meditation, and more!

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Centered Heart Meditation Immersion

A 7-Day Meditation Series

Join Lauren Rainbow for a special guided meditation 7-day meditation immersion that will assist you into a deeper connection with your heart.

This is an important practice in these uncertain times to keep you centered and connected while finding peace, harmony, and clarity. This program will re-align you with your heart center, calming the energy of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. With practice using these meditations you will gain a clarity.

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Morning and Evening Heart Breath Meditations

Meditations to Begin & End Your Day

The simple and beautiful heart breath is the best way to begin and end your day. Learning to work with the hearth breath is to begin a centered and balanced life emotionally and mentally. The morning heart breath will help you open your heart for the day, keeping you in loving focus. The evening heart breath will help you close down your day and center your heart into a peaceful night’s sleep.

These meditations are only available on the Hay House Unlimited App!

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Connect with Your Guides

Guided Meditations to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Join medium Lauren Rainbow in these guided meditations to connect with your spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, and departed loved ones. Open yourself to your spirit team and allow them to guide you across the bridge from this world to reach beyond. There you will receive love, grace, and support from all aspects of the spirit realm. Bringing awareness and gratitude to the presence of your spiritual helpers will create more flow in your life. Tap into your intuition and work with these meditations whenever you are called to connect with your guides.

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