Signs from Spirit! 

Our loved ones in the Spirit are like beautiful bright stars sending you signs from above to let you know they are around you. Do you see the signs? What do you get from your loved ones as a sign of their love?

Learning to see and know that a sign from Spirit is for you can be mental madness sometimes!

You see the sign! Then you deny the sign or question if it is real or possible!? I know! I’ve been there. Yes! I’m a medium, and I have been there! 

So how do you know if the sign is real?!

Your Heart Knows! 

Yes! It is so simple. When you see a sign from Spirit, your heart knows that truth. It will tell you who is sending you love! You will know that is your son, father, friend instantly! 

You see the feather, and you will say in your heart, that is from Mom! It is instant knowing. 

Then the ego steps in and makes you question or reason your way out of why that cannot possibly be! It is learning to trust that first moment. That heart’s intuition!

A Personal Lesson

I remember when my father passed to Spirit almost twenty years ago now, how time flies!

I asked him to send me a specific sign of his arrival in Spirit to let me know he was there. 

He was not exactly a believer in the Spirit world, but when I told him of my new developing journey, of understanding my abilities, he looked at me with a knowing in his eyes. 

Perhaps a little hope that maybe there was something more beyond. But, unfortunately, he had become a proclaimed atheist at that point in his life. 

Many signs from my father would appear in the months to come. Being a train enthusiast, yes, that is a thing! I had asked him to show me some signs with trains in them. 

Upon seeing a special train that meant a lot to my father, I wondered if he was looking down on me at that moment. 

I had immediately brushed that thought aside. Thinking my father is probably busy up in Spirit right now. 

Immediately I parked my car next to a truck with the license plate, YOUR DAD, on it!!! Right!! That is what I call a spiritual 2×4!

I learned that Spirit is persistent. I also knew at that moment that I would never deny my heart’s knowing. It was clear Dad is up there and let me know. 

Trust your heart, Angels! Trust the knowing in your heart! It is the guiding light of your life! 

How do you connect with loved ones in Spirit!? What do you see as signs? Always send them love, ask to connect, be soft, be open to receive!