Itinerary for

Mystical India Retreat & Journey

A Pilgrimage Through Sacred India
with Cindy Kaza and Lauren Rainbow

India | November 8 – 19, 2024

Extension to Varanasi | November 19 – 22, 2024

Important pre-journey dates:

  • Photocopies of your passport are due no later than September 8th, 2024
  • Payment in full for your journey is to be completed no later than September 8th, 2024
  • Signed forms are to be returned to Lauren no later than September 8th, 2024
  • Photocopies of your arrival & departing flights are due to Lauren no later than September 8th, 2024

It is helpful to remember that life is in constant motion, so things change, miracles appear and plans shift. Be open to changes in the itinerary as there will be some unexpected magical moments! Please help everyone by listening to the information provided each day of the journey and joining us at agreed-upon times.

Nov 8 – Arrival Day in Delhi!

Arrive in Delhi today and transfer to the hotel in a private vehicle. There will be a meet-and-greet dinner for those who have arrived by evening!

You must arrive NO LATER than this day. We start to move as a group on the 9th!

Nov 9 – Journey to Rishikesh
Leave for Rishikesh by bus. This is the longest travel day, but we will take some breaks for a stretch and chai!

Upon your arrival in Rishikesh, we will check into our beautiful hotel and spend the night there, resting and settling before we explore, learn, expand, heal, play, and celebrate!

We will be spending six nights here in Rishikesh

There is much order that lives within the perceived chaos of this land! India is a lot to take in! We will allow you some time to journey and acclimate to this amazing culture’s sights, sounds, colors, and smells!

Nov 10 – Haridwar (Temples and River Aarti)

After breakfast, we will leave to explore the temples of Haridwar, which are also Shakti Peeths (or seat of “Shakti”)– Chand Devi, Mansi Devi, and Maya Devi temples. The feminine divinity in Hinduism is known as Shakti, considered the most significant creative force in the universe. In the evening, attend an aarti ceremony at Hari Ki Pauri Ghat.

Haridwar is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage places. River Ganges enters the North Indian plains at Haridwar. Haridwar, or’ Gateway to Gods’, is called Mayapuri, Kapila, and Gangadwar. Hindu pilgrims and devotees gather at Haridwar to offer prayers on auspicious occasions. The water of the River Ganga is sacred at Haridwar, and pilgrims carry the water back from the Ganges. According to Shaivites, “Har” means “Lord Shiva,” who is the god.

Nov 11, 12, 13, 14 – Rishikesh Retreat and Exploration

While in Rishikesh, we will visit the infamous abandoned ashram where the Beatles famously spent time with Maharishi in India. We will also visit other temples and ashrams in this area and participate in the Ganges River Artis.

Lauren and Cindy will offer
~Intuitive & mediumship teachings
~ Healing Meditations
~ Mediumship & trance demonstrations
and more during our stay in Rishikesh. 

We will also visit some of Rishikesh’s beautiful sites:
~ Abandoned Beatles Ashram
~ Historical river aartis (river blessings)
~ Kirtan Chants and Other Beautiful Ceremonies
~ Explore Hindu, Buddhist, and other Ancient Temples
~ Enjoy the healing and aromatic India Cuisine

Ganga Aarti is a ceremony to thank and praise the goddess Ganga, Goddess of the sacred river Ganges. We will visit three of India’s oldest and holiest cities: Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Agra. So you will get to experience at least three different aartis and participate in the oldest living rituals in the world. These ceremonies are centuries old!!!

While in Rishikesh, we will also have some retreat time with Lauren, Cindy, and friends to offer healing ceremonies, teachings, meditations, trance demonstrations, and more!

Nov 15 – Drive to Agra

After breakfast, drive to Agra. Here, we will visit the Agra Fort

Overnight stay in the hotel.

Nov 16 – Taj Mahal 

Sunrise transfer to the Taj Mahal, where we will spend the morning at this beautiful monument and fall in love. After the visit, return to the hotel for breakfast.

Nov 17 – Drive to Delhi

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive back to Delhi

You will be met and transferred to the hotel upon arrival in Delhi.

These two days will be filled with a beautiful city tour and sightseeing. You can shop around, explore, and enjoy this city’s offerings.

We will have a group dinner and process the first portion of the journey.

Nov 18 – A Day in Old and New Delhi

Let’s explore one of India’s oldest and most historic cities. See the amazing culture in full force and have lots of fun exploring markets and more!

Nov 19 – Return home to transfer to Varanasi for the extension

India Only: Departure Day to Home!

Varanasi Extension Begins

Included in the INDIA ONLY portion of the journey

  • All 4-5-star hotels in India
  • 90% of your meals
  • All transportation within the dates of the trip
  • All in-country flights
  • Tips for drivers
  • Your tour manager and guides and guests, Lauren Rainbow, Kapil Yadav & presenting Cindy Kaza

Vaccinations for India

COVID-19 – Strongly recommended, not required

Typhoid Fever – strongly recommended, not required

Hepatitis A&B – strongly recommended, not required

Please consult your doctor to see if they have other personal recommendations while traveling in India.

What is NOT included in your journey cost:

  • International flights to and from India
  • Some lunches and dinners around India. (90% of your meals are covered in the cost of the trip)
  • Travel & Health Insurance and other items of a personal nature
  • Visa to enter India (About
  • Airport arrivals before November 5th. (These can be scheduled for you by our team at an additional cost.)
  • Tip for your guide and tour manager, Kapil. We will collect $160 per person to honor his time. $200 in total for those on the Varanasi extension

November 19-22 – Journey to Varanasi

If you are joining for the extension, on November 19th, we will make our way to one of the oldest cities in the entire world and the holiest of places in all of India, Varanasi! Here, we will explore Varanasi’s famous ghats (entrance to the river) and participate in the oldest blessing ceremony of the great Ganga (Ganges). This centuries-old tradition is a must-experience for anyone who visits India.

Varanasi has a vibrant history spanning nearly 2000 years. It was one of the first major urban settlements in the middle Ganges valley. Religious and cultural festivities are a significant part of the lives of those who reside here.

Nov 19 – Journey to Varanasi

We will have an early breakfast at the hotel and then leave for Dehradun, where we will catch a flight to Varanasi!

You will be met and transferred to the hotel upon arrival in Varanasi.

We will spend some time visiting the temples of Varanasi and the Ganges River.

Assi Ghat is where pilgrims pay homage to Lord Shiva by worshipping a massive lingam under a peepal tree. This ghat is a lively space, rippling in chaos and commotion, and one that vividly captures the ancientness of Varanasi—the oldest and holiest city in India and probably the world.

Nov 20 – Varanasi

Enjoy a sunrise boat ride on the Ganges to see all the beautiful ghats and temples that line the sacred river’s edge!

As we move down the river, you will see a glimpse of the history of Hinduism while still living today in the centuries-old tradition. You may see everything from devotees taking a sacred bath to sadhus and brahmins meditating on the river’s edge. You can observe the daily life of the natives, and we will take a walk in the narrow streets of Varanasi (Old Varanasi).

We will even see the infamous burning ghat where the sacred fire for those who have transitioned to spirit has burned for centuries, never extinguished. People worldwide travel to Varanasi often at the end of their time here on earth to be cremated by this sacred fire.

We will explore temples and other sacred places during our time in Varanasi! I promise this land will live in your heart forever!

Overnight stay in the hotel.

Nov 21 – Fly to Delhi

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the Airport for the flight to Delhi.

You will be met and transferred to the hotel upon arrival in Delhi.

We will have a group dinner and process the second portion of the journey.

Nov 22 – Transfer to the Airport (Home)

Departure Day to Home!

What is included in your Varanasi Extension Cost

  • Flights to Varanasi and returning to New Delhi
  • 4-5 star hotel accommodations
  • Local Guide
  • Entrance Fees to all sites
  • All travel within Varanasi
  • Certain meals within Varanasi

What is NOT included in your Varanasi Extension Cost

  • International Flight Home from India
  • Gratuity for your Guide
  • Some meals
  • Visa For India

Cancelation Policy: Due to this new era we are living in, we have had to make some changes to our previous cancelation policy. Please remember the deposit is non-refundable as listed on the sales info. Before 60 days to the arrival date of November 8th, cancellations may receive a partial refund not exceeding 50%.

Cancellations less than 60 days to departure date are non-refundable. Regarding booking these journeys, it is essential to know that we are making deposits and payments to our vendors prior to the trip to secure hotel, travel, and other bookings. Therefore, these cancellation policies are strictly held in place. 

Purchasing traveler’s insurance is highly recommended!! Should you need to cancel your plans for emergency purposes such as health-related issues. We are happy to help provide the appropriate paperwork in this event to help you secure your insurance payments. 

Here is a link to the best new travel insurances that all cover Covid Cancellations.