Signs You Can Get from the Spirit World

As someone who works with individuals on their spiritual journeys, I understand the importance of recognizing and interpreting signs from the spirit world. These signs can guide, validate, and reassure our lives. Here are some common signs that you may receive from the spirit world.

Visitation Dreams

One of the most common ways the spirit world communicates with us is through dreams. Please pay attention to vivid or recurring dreams, as they may contain messages or symbols that hold significance for you. 

Visitations are special moments when we may feel a deep connection with Spirit! As though they are still alive! This is actual contact from the Spirit world, so treasure these moments when they happen! 


Have you ever experienced a series of meaningful coincidences? These synchronicities often serve as signs from the spirit world. Pay attention to repetitive numbersunexpected encounters, or situations that seem too perfect to be mere chance.

Synchronistic moments are often little validations you are going in the right direction, making the right connections, or a clear sign that you are in “the flow.” Feel the gratitude when you notice these little synchronicities to keep the energy flowing! 

Physical sensations

The spirit world can communicate through physical sensations such as tingling, goosebumps, or chills running down your spine. These sensations often occur when we align with our true path or encounter something of spiritual significance.

Sometimes, goosebumps when I am working with Spirit often, are little boosts of encouragement to let me know I am on the right track. A little shiver in my spine often indicates that I must pay attention. I may be moving through something challenging. What are the little things your body is telling you?

Animal messengers

Animals can act as messengers from the spirit world. Keep an eye out for unusual encounters with animals or recurring sightings of specific animals that hold symbolic meaning for you.

There are often messages from our animal angels in Spirit as well. The beautiful souls that bless our lives and bring unconditional love visit us and always leave us messages!

Signs in Nature

Nature has its way of communicating with us. Pay attention to unusual weather patterns, beautiful sunsets or rainbows appearing at significant moments, or finding feathers or other meaningful objects in your path.

I love finding the heart-shaped rocks in particular places or beautiful cloud formations that bring in signs from the guides! It’s always great to see that specific old tree in your nature walk and just take a second to connect with it. Such wisdom lives in the living beings that have stood for decades or more looking over humanity! 

Electronic disturbances

Spirits can manipulate electronic devices as a way to get our attention. Pay attention to unexplained malfunctions with your phone, computer, or other electronic devices. It could signify that the spirit world is trying to communicate with you.

This can also be a sign that your energy is running too high! I’m constantly blowing up light bulbs! Quite often, when I flick the switch, the lights blow out! While this can be a funny sign that your energy is riding high, changing all the bulbs can also be costly! LOL

What to do with the signs!?

Remember, signs from the spirit world are highly personal and unique to each individual. Trusting your intuition and interpretation when receiving these signs is essential. Developing a deeper connection with the spirit world takes time and practice, so be patient with yourself on this spiritual journey.

What do you get as signs from Spirit? Grab yourself a little pocket notebook you can easily keep with you, and when you get that sign, that little something that caught your eye, drew you in, and made you take notice, then write it down.

Tune in and let your intuition guide you to where or whom this message is from. Write that down, too! The more you notice and honor the signs, the more they will guide you!

A good friend of mine once said that not everything is a sign. “Sometimes a rock is just a rock.”

And they are right. Not everything you see will give you that feeling of a sign! How do you know the difference, it is in the feeling, the knowing. Trust yourself!

Have fun exploring the world and feeling open to letting the world speak back to you! 

<3 Lauren