I know! There is so much out there in the world of spirituality and self-help, and you are trying to find your way through the forest. As a spiritual teacher, many questions I get from many are what to study and whether it will be good for you?!

So here is a simple breakdown of how I look at the Spiritual world and some tips to help you navigate it.

Simplifying Spiritual Development – The Breakdown


This is where you will find a lot of information about living better, eating better, thinking differently, and enhancing your life for empowered living. There is a lot of how-to-do spirituality out there. You must navigate this world very carefully, for everyone has a process or steps to development. Just because it worked for the author/presenter does not mean that it will work for you. So take what DOES work and toss out what doesn’t

The key to self-help is the word “self.” These processes are steps that can work if you are willing to apply them to your life. I have read much self-help and found many useful things in these books in many cases, but there is no one path to spirituality. It is a unique and personal experience, so allow it to unfold for you!

Spiritual Communication – Intuition/Psychic/Mediumship

As a working psychic medium, this is my main realm of development and offerings. I call this the realm of Spiritual Communication. At the core is Intuition – the language of your heart and soul. From there, we reach out through our psychic awareness to perceive our world. Mediumship is the ability to reach out beyond our physical world and connect with those who have passed to Spirit.

For some, these abilities are loud and proud; for others, these may be innate abilities that wake-up over time. For all, the development of these abilities is essential and can enhance your life and may even become a service to offer to the world.

Healing and Energetic Arts – Reiki/Shamanism/Spiritual Healing

For me, the healing and energetic arts incorporate all of the healing modalities out there, including Reiki, IET, Shamanism, Magnified Healing, and more. There are many modalities in this realm, and for those who are called to heal, this may be a good place to get started. If you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, beginning with Reiki can be a great and easy way to be introduced to spiritual energy and how it works.

The hard part is navigating all of these realms is how to get started. Too often, many people sit and ponder what the right path is. The key is to listen to the heart and pick one.

It may not be the end all be all for you. And it should not be. There is so much to explore out there, so explore away! I have worked through many of the studies above, and they have all helped me heal myself and become an offering of service to humanity.

They are all tools in your spiritual toolbox! Some may become the main part of your life and development as mediumship has for me. But all will help you expand your awareness, heal old wounds, and help you live a life beyond your wildest dreams!

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