Why Clients Love Lauren

My life has transformed through my healing journey!

“There is no doubt; my life has been ‘transformed’ through the healing work I have done with Lauren Rainbow. I am living, breathing, proof of how healing energy can change a person’s life. Through working with Lauren, I have experienced many levels of personal growth and understanding. I have learned to meditate, breathe, connect with my guides, and appreciate the messages that are constantly being sent to us in many different forms. I have come to know who I REALLY am and how my thoughts and actions can influence every aspect of my world. I have a deeper, clearer vision of the path I am on. I am forever grateful to Lauren for the time, love, and energy she has shared with me. Namaste.”

~ Suzanne R, Andover, NH

Loving wisdom & compassionate butt-kicking

“Lauren Rainbow is a spectacular, compassionate soul. She is authentic. She has been there. She gets it! Lauren had provided me with spot-on intuitive guidance, loving wisdom, and a compassionate kick in the butt when I needed it most over the past nine years. Talk is cheap. ‘Life’ is a verb. While others may be sitting around dreaming about what they would desire, Lauren is out there making it happen! Lauren gave me a platform to open up to my gifts, dreams, passions, and tools to bring them all to fruition. Lauren embraces all aspects of life with abundant honor, gratitude, integrity, and laughter. She will forever be my most sacred catalyst for change – my mentor, my colleague, my sister! Thank you, Lauren, for the gift of YOU!”

~ Laura F, Nashua, NH

Lauren’s mediumship gifts are second-to-none…

“Lauren is a truly spiritual being. Her mediumship gifts are second-to-none. When you connect through Lauren, you’ll have no doubt that your loved ones are present and working with you on the other side. Her energy healing abilities have profoundly influenced my life – my Reiki sessions with her have brought me deep meditation and true spiritual enlightenment. I’ve learned so much about my angels and Spirit Guides; I walk through every day truly knowing I am not alone. Not only is she my medium and energy healer, but my teacher and spiritual advisor. I am blessed to have her in my life.”

~ Jen S, Manchester, NH

Lauren is one of the most joyful people I know!

“I have been working with Lauren Rainbow for more than a decade! She’s a consummate professional who constantly strives to learn more, perfect her technique, and helps others step into their best selves. Lauren is one of the most joyful people I know and a pleasure to work with. Her connection with Spirit is so strong that Lauren’s sessions are uncannily accurate. I value, respect, and trust her work. If you haven’t experienced a session with Lauren, you owe it to yourself to let her bright light shine into your world.”

~ Corinne C, Revere, MA

Lauren is a warm, empathic & very gifted medium.

“I had my first mediumship ever with Lauren recently, and it was fantastic. Lauren is a warm, empathic, and very gifted medium who connected with several family members who have passed over. Whilst emotional at times, this was an overall very joyful experience and very healing in nature. I would highly recommend Lauren as a medium.”

~ Peter C, Melbourne, Australia

I am grateful for the loving energy she puts forth!

“Lauren brings heart, passion, and amazing insight to her teachings and in doing so has helped me become a stronger, more confident Intuitive Medium. I trust and respect her and am grateful for the loving energy she puts forth in wanting her students to feel comfortable, confident, and succeed.”

~ Cheryl K, Woburn, Massachusetts