Are you feeling stuck in a rut when it comes to intuitive or mediumship development?

Not sure what to do or where to go?

Each intuitive and medium is beautifully unique in their abilities!

As unique as your fingerprint. Everything from your life lessons, experiences, and even your education are all tools in your toolbox for spirit to work with.

As mediums, our loved ones in spirit can access this unique knowledge to bring forward evidence and the essence of their presence.

Here are some things you can do to help expand your toolbox!

Think outside the Toolbox!

If you are a developing or working medium, it is essential you step out of the norm with your development.

Of course, we can get stuck in the same old training classes and exercises, but sometimes the best development is trying something new.

I was nervous about stepping into trance mediumship development. I was hooked once I took my first class.

Through this development, I found a new way to deepen my connection with spirit. A technique I could not find from traditional development.

I’m amazed how it changed my connection with spirit in my daily work. I went from being a nervous and anxious medium with crazy energy to being calm, centered, and clear with my connection.

Trying something new with your mediumship development can change your life, your perspective and help you grow your abilities.

Expand Beyond Mediumship Development

One of the best parts of my development didn’t even happen in a mediumship class! I have learned more about mediumship communication from real-life experience than I have ever learned in a workshop.

Once you have been working on your abilities in the classes, you need to put yourself to the test and do some real-life readings!

That is right. The best development is sitting with real people, not other developing mediums, and offering sessions.

It may seem like the scariest thing you will do. Once you step over the threshold and offer sessions for people out of the classes you will build your confidence faster and receive real validation!

Most of what I teach in my workshops is from real-life experiences in my work and on-stage appearances!

So what are you waiting for!

Step through the fear! Start sitting with a recommendation from a friend or family member to get you started!

Learn about Energy Healing

Ok, so I am an energy junkie!

Even though my primary offering is mediumship, I love to learn different healing modalities.

I always recommend it to my students; this should be a must!

Learning a healing modality such as Reiki, IET, Shamanism, or all of the above will help you be a stronger conduit for spirit.

These healing practices will give you healing tools in your box!

In my work, there have been countless times where these healing practices have been more helpful than the connection with the spirit.

Think outside the box to expand your development! The more you do the more tools you add to your toolbox!

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