Mediumship is the ability to reach out beyond our physical world and connect to our loved ones in spirit.

The word “medium” is not just the size of your t-shirt. It is also the artists’ paintbrush: the tool between the artist’s vision and their canvas.

So a medium is the paintbrush of spirit. When we become the medium, we are stepping between the Spirit world, allowing us to become the tool that expresses their love to those here in the living.

In this modern-day world, mediumship is beginning to expand into other realms, such as medical, angelic, and intuitive mediums, really showing the growth we are making in this world.

It is time to step out of the old and limiting traditions of mediumship and embrace that energy expands, and spirit is energy. Therefore mediumship needs also to expand. I will share a few different aspects of how mediumship is increasing in today’s world to help you navigate the developing world of mediumship to know what you are seeking.

Medium | Psychic Medium | Intuitive Medium | Spiritual Medium | Evidential Medium

These are all the basic terms used today to describe those who work with our loved ones in spirit. A suitable medium of this nature should bring in evidence of those in spirit and share messages from those we love beyond.

The words “psychic” and “intuitive” are also used to describe additional abilities to see your current life path and where you may be heading in your life.

Medical Medium

A medical medium or medical intuitive has strong abilities to sense and feel our bodies to sense health issues and illnesses. A medical medium may claim to get this information from a spirit guide or loved one, while a medical intuitive uses their intuitive abilities to work with your physical well-being.

Animal Medium or Animal Communicator

Animal Mediums/Communicators are people who have incredible abilities to sense and feel our fur babies and let us know how they may be doing. Animal mediums can reach out to our fur babies in spirit and bring in evidential information and validation that our special friends are also looking over us.

An animal communicator can work with our living fur babies to let us know how we are caring and supporting their life journey.

Trance & Physical Mediums

Trance and physical mediums have an extraordinary role in the world of mediumship. They work with our departed loved ones in both cases and spirit guides through a much deeper process than traditional mediums.

These mediums allow themselves to enter in a deep state of surrender, allowing the Spirit and Guides to work with the medium’s body, creating force fields of palpable energy, messages, and in some cases, powerful healing opportunities. While there are many authentic mediums in this aspect of mediumship, many are fraudulent mediums. Please seek this work with a discerning eye.

Angelic Mediums | Shamanic Mediums

These are newer terms in modern-day mediumship, indicating that these folks are the middle man for Angels and Shamanic guides. While in traditional mediumship, there is a system of evidence used to validate our loved one’s presence in spirit. When working with Angelic, shamanic, and other such mediums, their work is powerful, healing, and inspirational; it is essential to know there is NO evidence in this line of Spiritual work.

I’m sure there are many other titles for working mediums these days, so understanding the word “medium”‘ helps you understand what you are seeking.

Please know that authentic psychics and mediums will not tell you that you have a curse or are doomed. They will not ask you for large amounts of money to remove these negative energies. Know you have the power to walk away from anyone who tries this on you!

The spiritual world has so many lovely authentic spiritual beings who want you to be empowered and succeed in your world. They can be direct and honest as well! So seek wisely and carefully, my friends, but do seek!

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