Centered Heart Meditation Immersion

A 7-Day Meditation Series



Join Lauren Rainbow for a special guided meditation 7-day meditation immersion that will assist you into a deeper connection with your heart.

This is an important practice in these uncertain times to keep you centered and connected while finding peace, harmony, and clarity. This program will re-align you with your heart center, calming the energy of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. With practice using these meditations you will gain a clarity.

What The Program Includes

7 Guided Meditations by Lauren

Daily Journal Prompts

BONUS: Meditation Guidelines PDF

This is a simple, easy and very powerful meditation practice that will:

  • Open your heart for life guidance and inspiration
  • Bring a centered awareness to your daily life
  • More energy and vitality
  • Will reduce anxiety
  • Create clarity, focus, and patience
  • Feel more intuitive in your everyday life!

How this works is really simple:

  • Register for the meditation immersion.
  • You will receive the welcome email with your bonus pdf and login info for the portal
  • The following day your journey will begin with your first email and guided meditation.
  • Then you are on the way!
  • Do have a journal handy to help you keep track of your progress.

About Lauren Rainbow

I am so excited to finally invite you to join me for a journey into your heart. In life-changing times, one thing is clear: we need to return to the heart.

My studies and real-life journeys have been a practice of the heart. It’s the ability to heal, to guide, to feel to know has changed the way I live, and breathe. This is still a practice for me and will be for the rest of my life.

My journeys to the sacred ancient lands and cultures of Egypt, Peru, India, and Mexico, one thing they have all known to be true, it all begins in the heart, and it is all so so simple!

Reconnecting with your heart is the journey you are here to be on in this lifetime! It is the greatest journey you will ever take! It is important to remember you are light and love and returning home to that light is easier than you know.

Let’s begin HERE and NOW with this simple guided practice!

When you learn how to meditate, breathe through the heart, connect with yourself, and appreciate the messages that are constantly being sent to you, you will then achieve a  deeper meaning and clearer vision of the path that you’re on or destined to be on.

Enjoy the journey!