Meet Lauren

Hi! I’m Lauren. I’m an evidential medium, sacred travel guide, healing meditation maestro, teacher of all things spiritual, and a mystical arts geek. With over twenty years of experience connecting souls around the world!

I’ve also co-authored the best-selling Mediumship Training Deck with John Holland. (Hay House, 2020)

You can also find me on Hay House Unlimited with the Morning and Evening Heart Breath Meditations and the Connect with your Guides Meditation Series. Find out more here.

Guided Meditations to Open Your Heart

Lauren brings twenty years of experience and development in all aspects of spirituality into her guided meditations, all with heart-based basics at the core.

Synchronistic Synergy

Like so many in the United States, my life was changed by the events of 9/11. My journey began as a medium in early 2001. A series of synchronistic events would open my heart to Spirit and help me develop and understand my mediumship abilities.

I realized that I was able to sense and hear our loved ones in Spirit. Not sure what to do or where to go, amazing teachers began to appear in my life, showing me the many paths through spiritual awakening.

Heart Centered Living

I have learned one truth through all of my journeys and studies. We are all seeking LOVE. We are all striving to know how to love more and receive more love! In fact, all religions and spiritual teachings of any truth are teaching in LOVE!

This belief is the core of my teachings in mediumship and all aspects of my spiritual work. When we return to the heart, we can live and live filled with fluid dreams and manifestations. It is that easy!

On the Stage

I am probably most at home on the stage! As a young child, I was raised in a small community theatre world, where I dreamed of being an actress one day. Later that dream would come true! I just wouldn’t have dreamed I would share the stage with many leading players, all of them in Spirit!

It is a blessing to share the love, joy, healing, and forgiveness of our loved ones beyond! Also, to share the stage with some incredible mediums who have become pioneers in this work!

Sacred Travel Enthusiast

Since I was a young child, my deepest desire was to travel to all the mystic places that light up the world. In 2017 I began to create soul-shifting, heart-opening, sacred journeys worldwide, including; Egypt, Peru, India, Nepal, and Mexico! This journey will continue as long as Spirit allows me to do this work!



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