• New Online Store

    Both healing meditations from Lauren's new CD, The Centered-Heart Meditation are now available as individual MP3 downloads. These meditations are designed to help you clear, cleanse, center your energy, and find forgiveness for yourself and others - freeing you from the heart-centered pain that is keeping you limited in your life.
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  • Public Mediumship Gallery

    Don't miss this wonderful & powerfully healing opportunity to witness our departed loved ones connect with the living! With over a decade of experience, Lauren will share some of her favorite personal experiences, as well as, bring through messages of validation, hope & love to some audience members.
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  • One Afternoon,
    Two Gifted Mediums

    Together Lauren & John will bring a refreshing and lively presentation that strips away the myths & misconceptions of mediumship. Through their own unique, down to earth style of connecting to the other side, join them for an intimate afternoon where both gifted mediums will dedicate a large portion of this event to bring you messages from your loved ones on the Other-Side.
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  • Empowering Through Spirit

    Full of energy and laughter, Lauren connects to spirit to provide you with insight, messages and healing. A psychic medium, Alternative Healing Therapist, and Laughter Yoga Leader, her clients experience healing on all spiritual levels to help them move through this lifetime and future lifetimes as joyously as possible.
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  • Voted Best of NH

    "Seeking to 'create a space of unconditional love that promotes world peace and complete joy' Lauren Ellen Rainbow offers mediumship, healing, prophetic insights and initiations ... Full of energy and laughter, Lauren always brings high spirits to any event.” - NH Magazine
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How do we love Lauren? Let us count the ways...

Whether they've connected with Lauren during a private session, public gallery, or class, people just can't help but share their words of gratitude and love for Lauren.

Why Clients Love Lauren


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Lauren offers reading and transformational healing sessions in-person, over the phone and via Skype. She even offers small group mediumship sessions too!

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Lauren Rainbow's Blog

In Lauren's Words

Inspired by Spirit, Lauren regualrly shares her musings, insights, and messages of love & guidance. Topics include mediumship, psychic development, experiences at special events & classes, and everyday thoughts.

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Creating Tomorrow's Dream Today

Imagine having the opportunity of those of our leading spiritual generations, to create a dream, a vision of the future … A dream of world peace, complete joy, and unconditional love.

Many times throughout history, pioneers have envisioned a future very similar for us. One of a higher consciousness. Visions which empowered generation after generation to achieve these dreams. The very visions and dreams which have evolved into who we are today. The very foundation of our being.

We are now a part of a new generation of pioneers with an opportunity to continue along the dream path created by those before us. This is a simple journey, if you so desire. So open your heart to see that you are worthy of the best. Please explore within this site to find out more about my services, events and friends of Lauren Rainbow.

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Bringing the energy of joy & heart-centeredness to her work, Lauren considers it a great blessing to empower others to find complete joy in their lives.