• Mediumship Gallery

    Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to witness the healing power of mediumship! Bringing the energy of joy & heart-centeredness to her work, Lauren will bring through messages of validation & love to random members of the audience.
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  • Mediumship Intensive

    Join Lauren & John Holland in at this fast-paced workshop which is designed to help elevate your mediumship to the next level! Together, they'll share their insights on how they’ve developed & provide tools to enhance your own abilities & strengthen your connection to the spirit world.
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  • Empowering Through Spirit

    Full of energy and laughter, Lauren connects to spirit to provide you with insight, messages and healing. A psychic medium, Alternative Healing Therapist, and Laughter Yoga Leader, her clients experience healing on all spiritual levels to help them move through this lifetime and future lifetimes as joyously as possible.
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  • The Centered Heart Studio

    Inspired by the Grace & Love of Spirit, and in the physical, Lauren Rainbow, the Studio birthed to be a place for those who are awakening into their Spiritual selves. With a strong focus of classes around Mediumship & Intuitive / Psychic Development development, the Studio hosts a variety of events to help you explore your gifts.
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  • Centered Heart Studio
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Lauren is so excited to announce a new endeavor that is near & dear to her heart, the Centered Heart Studio!

Located in Bedford, NH, the Centered Heart Studio is a beautiful and sacred space for developing spiritual gifts and awareness. In addition to doing readings for clients at this space, Lauren and other like-minded practitioners will be offering training and practice from all walks of the spiritual life: mediumship, alternative healing arts (Reiki, IET ect), meditation and more.

To learn more about this new space, please follow the studio on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CenteredHeartStudio.

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Whether your new to mediumship or have already been connecting with Spirit, this new practice circle with Lauren will give you the space & freedom to strengthen your link with the other side.

Meeting in Bedford, NH at the new Centered Heart Studio, this monthly gathering is open to all who want to explore and grow their connections to the spirit world. An ongoing group, you'll be praciticing techniques that will enhance your mediumship gifts, as well as participate in an open forum discussion to address concerns, issues and struggles you may be experiencing on your journey.

Class size is limited to the first 18 students who pay in advance. Refunds are available for cancellations within 48 hours of class start date, but no refunds will be given after this point.

PLEASE NOTE: Please check calendar for exact class dates & registration links

Date: Occurs the 1st Wednesday of every month

Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Cost: $25/pp; pre-paid registration required

Location: Centered Heart Studio, Bedford Heights, 82 Palomino Lane, Suite 701, Bedford, NH 03110, www.facebook.com/centeredheartstudio


How do we love Lauren? Let us count the ways...

Whether they've connected with Lauren during a private session, public gallery, or class, people just can't help but share their words of gratitude and love for Lauren.

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Creating Tomorrow's Dream Today

Imagine having the opportunity of those of our leading spiritual generations, to create a dream, a vision of the future … A dream of world peace, complete joy, and unconditional love.

Many times throughout history, pioneers have envisioned a future very similar for us. One of a higher consciousness. Visions which empowered generation after generation to achieve these dreams. The very visions and dreams which have evolved into who we are today. The very foundation of our being.

We are now a part of a new generation of pioneers with an opportunity to continue along the dream path created by those before us. This is a simple journey, if you so desire. So open your heart to see that you are worthy of the best. Please explore within this site to find out more about my services, events and friends of Lauren Rainbow.

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Bringing the energy of joy & heart-centeredness to her work, Lauren considers it a great blessing to empower others to find complete joy in their lives.