4 Ways to Know You’re Clairsentient and Not Just Extra Sensitive!

Hey there, fellow soul seekers! Are you someone who often feels like you’ve got a sixth sense? Well, guess what? You might just be clairsentient! Before you start questioning your sanity, let me assure you that being clairsentient is a superpower, not a sign of craziness. So, grab a cup of cosmic tea and dive into the magical world of clairsentience!

You Can Sense the Vibes

Do you ever walk into a room and immediately feel the energy, as if the walls are whispering secrets to you? Well, my friend, that’s a clear sign of clairsentience! Clairsentients have an uncanny ability to pick up on the vibes and emotions around them. You’re like a human mood ring, sensing the joy, sadness, or hidden intentions of those around you. So trust those gut feelings and embrace your vibe-sensing powers!

You’re a Human Lie Detector

Move over, Sherlock Holmes! Clairsentients have an uncanny ability to sniff out deception. You can sense it in the air when someone is being less than truthful. Your intuition kicks into overdrive, and you become a human lie detector. So, if you’ve got a friend who always seems to be hiding something, don’t be surprised if your Spidey senses start tingling!

Physical Sensations Speak to You

When it comes to clairsentience, it’s not just about emotions; it’s also about physical sensations. You might experience subtle tingles, chills, or even a gentle touch on your skin when spirits are present. Please pay attention to these sensations, as they are messages from the spiritual realm. Trust me, it’s not just a random itch or a drafty room—those goosebumps are a divine invitation to tap into the unseen world.

Your Gut Knows Best

Forget trust falls; you trust your gut above all else! Clairsentients have an extraordinary knack for intuition and instinct. Your gut feelings are more accurate than a weather forecast, and you often make decisions based on that inner knowledge. Whether avoiding a particular path or choosing the perfect lottery numbers (hey, it could happen!), your gut is your ultimate guide.

Remember, being clairsentient is a beautiful gift that allows you to connect profoundly with others. Embrace your sensitivity, trust your intuition, and keep shining your Light on others. You’re not just sensitive, you’re clairsentient, and that’s something to celebrate!

Stay tuned for more mystical musings and psychic revelations. Until then, keep being your fabulous, clairsentient self!

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