Suppose you are a spiritual seeker looking for intuitive insight or connection with loved ones in Spirit. Knowing the difference between intuition, psychic, and mediumship abilities is essential

In this world where mediums, intuitive, and psychics are popping up everywhere with flashy titles like angel medium, intuitive healer, evidential medium, and more, it can be confusing to know what is what.

Intuition, psychic, and mediumship abilities are often misunderstood, but there are distinct differences in these extra senses and how they work within us. Here are the differences between these three concepts:

Intuition: Your Inner Navigation System

Intuition is the voice of your soul. It is the inner knowing that guides you every day! The thoughts tell you to call your loved one to find out they need a friend.

It is that gut feeling inside of you that warns you if you are in a safe place or if you are not. 

Everyone has intuitive moments every day that mostly get shrugged off as coincidence. Some of you trust these little divine nudges, and others pass them by.

Learning to trust this inner voice and inner knowing can change your life for the better. Life moves with flow and grace as you trust your intuition.

In today’s world, we use the word intuition all the time. Even our technology is intuitive! We are beyond the stage of denying that intuition exists. It is time to embrace yours truly!

Psychic Awareness: Perceiving the World Around You! 

Psychic awareness is when we use our intuitive abilities to perceive the world and the people around us!

Psychic abilities refer to the extra-sensory perception (ESP) capabilities that allow a person to perceive information beyond the five senses. We begin to see the world through extra feelings like clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), or clairsentience (clear knowing), to name a few of these extraordinary abilities.

When we step into a psychic form of awareness, we can often see, feel or know how to work with other people’s energy in relation to our own.

When I step into my psychic abilities, I often work with people to help them gain a perspective on their life or path based on what I can feel or sense about their choices and decision.

Many people can often have powerful prophetic dreams that show them future events or situations. Even the feeling of “deja vu,” knowing you have been somewhere or seen a situation happen before you experience it, is a form of psychic awareness.

Mediumship: Where the Living Connect with the Beyond

Mediumship is the ability to feel and connect with those who have passed on to the Spirit world. Mediums can sense, feel and/or see the energy of those who have transitioned.

With a trained sense of these abilities, mediums can even bring in evidential information to help validate the presence of these loved ones and even get messages of healing, love, and support from beyond.

Mediumship is an extension of psychic and intuitive abilities; however, the connecting source and receiving is from Spirit rather than our inner navigation (intuition) or our everyday world (psychic).

Everyone can sense and feel the presence of their loved ones. Therefore, mediumship is for more than just a select few people in the world. However, some people are more sensitive than others to this particular ability.

Most people get simple messages and signs from spirits that can look like heavenly feathers, pennies on the ground, or a random song on the radio, just when you think about that one you love.

When you receive a message from someone you love in Spirit, that intuitive thought always tells you who is sending you that sign!

“Oh, this penny is from my grandma in heaven.” is usually the first thought. Then the lovely ego sometimes kicks that thought away with doubt.

Do you often feel loved ones are supporting you in Spirit?

What do all of these abilities have in common?

Each of us has extra sensing abilities, and your intuition, psychic, and mediumship abilities all work the same the source of information is what changes. 

Learning about your abilities through intuitive, psychic, or mediumship development will help you understand how your unique abilities work with you. 

Once you understand your intuitive voice, you will find that your abilities work the same across all aspects of energy communication. The only thing that changes is the source of information.

So the source of your intuitive information would be from self, while psychic awareness taps into the world around you, and mediumship works with the energy of loved ones in Spirit. 

Learning to work with your spiritual abilities is a life-changing journey! The key is not worrying about what to do with these abilities; develop them, and they will guide you!