Are you Ready to Explore and Enhance Your Connection with Spirit? 

There needs to be more clarity about mediums and how we work with Spirit. People may feel that if we can connect with the Spirit, we should have all the answers to life’s puzzling questions. However, there is also a need to clarify that this ability can be developed and nurtured. Here are some essential things about mediumship and what it is like to be a medium.

The word “medium” has been expanded to mean many different things. Still, at the root, a medium is someone who can connect with those who have passed on to Spirit, and while mediums can work in many different ways with their abilities, the most popular way mediums have become famous is to help those in need connect to their loved ones in Spirit. 

As a medium, there is a natural innate ability to connect with the Spirit world, but since the language of Spirit is more like a language of energy, development and practice help to strengthen our sensitivity creating clearer communication. 

Development of these abilities is also essential to help a medium to be more grounded and centered in the work where many untrained mediums can struggle to feel like they have focus and control with Spirit. 

How to Develop Your Connection with Spirit

The best way to develop your abilities with Spirit is to take classes where you get to put your abilities to work! There are many different types of courses, but the best are those that offer teaching and exercises to work with your skills and strengthen them. 

The more you develop, the more your abilities will expand and grow. Real work is best when you put them to work and give them a chance to grow.

Reading books about mediumship can help you understand the different nuances of mediumship, but actual development happens when you put them to work! 

Here are some simple things to remember as you explore your mediumship abilities.

  • Allow this to be a time to learn more about you!
  • Have fun with this exploration.
  • Let go of expectations and explore
  • Don’t compare your abilities to any other. You ARE amazing just as you are! Own That! 

You will discover fantastic new ideas and beliefs that will change as you grow and work with Spirit. Therefore, it is best to allow yourself to have an open mind. Be willing to let Spirit guide and teach you! 

Recognize and celebrate who you are as a medium. We are all unique in how we work and connect with the energy. Allow yourself to grow constantly, be willing to challenge yourself, and always step outside your comfort zone!

Mediumship Development Tools

There are many tools you can use to help enhance your connection with mediumship as well as your intuitive and psychic abilities. So, yes, being intuitive and psychic is included in the mediumship! 

Working with cards like tarot, oracle, and other intuitive and mediumship development card decks can help develop trust in your abilities. For example, Zenner Cards are one of the original development cards for psychic abilities. These are a series of simple cards with images like a square, circle, triangle, etc., designed in a flash card-like style. 

Oracle and Tarot cards are also commonly used for psychics and intuitive to help them receive information and guidance about an individual and different aspects of life and direction. 

Tarot cards are a more in-depth deck, and while they’re a typical structure to a tarot deck, including a series of “high” powered or energy cards called the major arcana and a series of cards similar to that of a traditional set of cards with a suit and number series to the cards with a more in-depth series of images. 

Tarot cards and reading them have been around for centuries. In our modern-day world, there are thousands of different themes of tarot cards, but they are designed with the same basic format as the original. 

Rider Waite Tarot deck is one of the most well-known original tarot in the modern world. However, one of my favorites, which I have loved to work with, is the “Psychic Tarot Deck” by John Holland. A great and simple way to explore the world of tarot and psychic development! 

Speaking of John Holland, I was blessed to work with this fantastic master teacher and co-author of the first deck! The Mediumship Training Deck. As teachers of mediumship for many years together, one day after class, we were approached by many people asking us how to continue developing outside the class! So we created a development deck with exercises, meditations, and teachings about the basic steps and processes to connect with Spirit. 

We have the best feedback from developing mediums who come together and work with the exercises in the deck! You can also have some tools that you can do on your own to keep working those mediumship muscles. 

Developing a connection with Spirit is not about a job or about purpose. It is about being more in tune with your natural intuitive strengths to enhance you life. Anything else that comes from it is icing on the cake!