Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Temple to Philae, Oh MY

Egypt’s ancient and mysterious world has captured the hearts and imaginations of all humanity for as long as we can remember. For centuries now, people travel to Egypt to catch site of the ancient temples of Egypt! 

We hear the most about the Sphinx, The Valley of the Kings, and the Great Pyramids, as we should. They are great! Nothing stops your heart with complete awe than when you first set eyes on the Pyramids of Giza. They are like beacons that call your soul! 

However, if you ever find yourself exploring ancient Egyptian culture, there are so many more places that you must see! Perhaps even more powerful and majestic than you can imagine. 

I remember my first many visits to Egypt and genuinely seeing the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Yet, I was not expecting the way the many ancient temples of Egypt to the neteru of Egypt would not only impress but would change my life!

One place you should begin your quest through the ancient temples in Egypt is to make your way to Luxor. Luxor is truly the heart of ancient Egypt and where a vast majority of the most amazing Egypt Temples live. This beautiful but small city is magical as the Nile divides the land and becomes the main artery of life through central Egypt. 

The temples from Ancient Egypt all have a unique intention built into the glyphs and symbols embedded forever into the walls. Therefore, walking through each temple is like a different energetic activation. 

Dendera – The Ancient Temple to Hathor

From the outside, Dendera has a simple look but is massive; you wouldn’t even begin to expect to see the unique glyphs in this beautiful temple. 

I have come to call this the cosmic temple to Hathor, dedicated to healing, magic, music, and joy! Everywhere you look inside this temple are images of the gods at least two stories high! Rooms filled with starry images, including the most impressive hieroglyph in Egypt! The Sky Goddess Nut is depicted on the ceiling breathing in the moon and birthing the sun into the cosmos!

One of the most famous hieroglyphs of ancient Egyptian astrology that now sits in the Louvre is from this ancient temple! While we are left to our imagination to wonder what these ancient temples used to look like with all their gold-studded glory, Hathor’s temple is the only one that still has much of the original colors intact, giving us the best glimpse of what it may have looked like! 

Of the many visits I have been blessed to have to this temple, it is like the fine wine the ancient Egyptians so worshipped. It gets better each time! 

Karnak Temple – The Living Statue of Sekhmet

The largest ancient temple in all of Egypt is the incomparable Karnak Temple in the heart of Luxor City. Right along the edge of the Nile and connected by a long avenue of sphinxes to the equally incredible Luxor temple. Floating down the Nile is magical; seeing these two great pillars of history!

Karnak is also a cacophony of temples built on each other, with many pharaohs adding their touches and even destroying parts created by those who came before to claim power over each other. 

Queen Hatshepsut is one of the most controversial pharaohs in that she is one of the only women to rule over ancient Egypt. But she left quite a mark behind that most of Karnak is in her destruction and design.

One special treasure in this vast temple is a non-descript small sanctuary hidden somewhat off the side of the massive columns and structures tourists commonly explore. 

The Living Statue of Sekhmet has become a modern-day pilgrimage for the many people who feel called by this impressive warrior goddess. If you’re lucky enough, or she has invited you, you can see this living and breathing statue of the fierce Lioness, but that is an opportunity reserved only for the worthy! 

Of all of the temples of Ancient Egypt culture, Karnak temple is by far one of the most historically significant temples. Yet, we have only explored and uncovered a small fraction of this epic place! 

Philea Temple – The Mother Temple

When you are complete with all that Luxor has to offer, hop onto one of the many Nile cruise options and take a beautiful float for a few days to Aswan, where we come to the Mother Temple at Philea. 

This ancient Egyptian temple is to the Mother Goddess of all the Egyptian Neteru. She is the wife of the Great God Osiris and one of the most structurally complete temples left. 

Unfortunately, many of the massive hieroglyphs of the gods have been chiseled in certain areas to disempower the deities. It is believed that they could not reenter this world if you chiseled their feet and hands. 

Yet, this temple sits on its one little island in the middle of the Nile, just waiting for you to come and connect with the beautiful healing energy of the divine feminine. Many people are called to this ancient site to do just that! 

The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt 

The great mysteries of these ancient sites and the ancient Egyptian culture will keep us captivated for lifetimes. There are many sites to explore, from the Vally of the Kings and Hatshepsut’s Temple to Sakkara, the oldest step pyramid in Egypt. Currently, Sakkara is spending a lot of time in the headlines for many discoveries and has become an archeologist’s dream! 

There is still so much to find within these mysteries that we will keep rewriting what we only think we may know about Ancient Egypt and its historical culture! 

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