You are an intuitive being.

This is not really an option; it just is.

For those of you who do not think you are intuitive, let me explain how it works.

You know that feeling when you are around someone; they are smiling and joking with you, but you sense something may not be quite right. So you might ask, “Are you sure you are ok?” and they say, ” well, since you asked…”

That is your intuition feeling that something is not quite right.

Have you ever walked into a house, office, or space and could sense it has good vibes about it? You know this is the space you are meant to be in!

That is your intuition, letting you know this is a safe space for you.

How your intuition speaks to you.

Your intuition works through your feelings and other senses. It is always assessing your environment, letting you know what feels right and even what doesn’t.

For some, trusting their intuition is easy and natural. For others, it is sometimes something we question and argue with.

It is the voice inside of you, telling you to call your Mom, and so after some time of this nagging feeling, you pick up the phone and call. You Mom was missing you and really needed that phone call.

Where does this feeling come from?

Surprising enough, this is not a voice in your head. That is your Ego’s voice.

Your intuition is lower in the body, mostly coming from your heart center or even your “gut” area. Yes, that “gut feeling” is your intuition.

You need to understand that your intuition is the voice of your soul. The energy that makes you, well YOU!

There is a famous saying. You are a soul in a body, not a body with a soul.

So your soul energy IS the voice of your intuition. It is always trying to guide you through life to what is best for you. But your Ego can sometimes get in the way.

Listen to your heart

Take a moment to place your hands upon your heart center. Bring your mental awareness into this center and breathe here for a few moments.

Feel that beautiful energy there? That is your soul. Your inner guidance system.

Spend some time every day getting to know this space in your heart. Try to listen to this voice more and more and watch how your life moves into more grace. Begin to trust your intuition and allow it to work in tandem with your Ego mind.

With practice and patience, you can live an intuitively guided life that is inspired and heart-centered!

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